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Monero and I2P Working together

The I2P monerod Hidden Service paper is available from the link at the top of this page.

My I2P-Bote email destination is:


The I2P monerod hidden service paper can be obtained via I2PSnark.

Torrent URL: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:a3ded4bdbdc3e0ec3032e21dac3fe0995e4fa04c

Additional information will be posted when it is available.

Remote Node Risks

Since the I2P monerod Hidden Service is configured to run over the I2P network, users avoid one of the risks associated with remote nodes on the Internet:

Remote node operators know your IP address. If needed, they can trace transactions back to you.

This risk is eliminated because clients (wallets) and the I2P monerod Hidden Service connect via cryptographic constructs and don't expose IP addresses.

All users of Monero remote nodes where the remote node is not under your control see:

above link leads to the clearnet!


There is a sample I2P monerod Hidden Service available for assessment located at:

Destination: ylvyjddi5juw54qbkx7zelkujnhsvkukev6ncl6ec3gzhymwld2a.b32.i2p

Feel free to connect to it and send any of the daemon rpc calls ( )

Do not send any Monero (XMR) through this sample hidden service!

It is running in offline mode! --> ./monerod --offline --restricted-rpc --public-node --detach

This is just for experimental evaluation! (Getting familiar with the I2P monerod Hidden Service)


An I2P monerod Hidden Service Appliance will soon be available (after the November 2019 network upgrade). The appliance is a VirtualBox virtual machine designed to run on many different hardware configurations and operating systems.

I started out attempting to develop a low-cost hardware appliance, however, the storage requirements to maintain the Monero blockchain proved difficult to deliver an efficient and effective design. Ultimately a software virtual machine proved to be the superior solution.

The virtual machine provides a Monero full node that can be placed behind a VPN to connect to the global Monero network. It provides connections to Monero wallets through an I2P hidden service over the I2P network. Thereby providing anonymity at the network layer for Monero transactions!

Document last edited: November 2019.